Along the World-Famous Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Ilsand, Nova Scotia, Canada
Auberge Doucet Inn

Along the Cabot Trail, about 1 km southwest of Chéticamp in Nova Scotia, the Auberge Doucet Inn beckons you as you drive by. The sign at the roadside indicates the Inn whichs stands stately at the top of the hill.

Ronnie Doucet, proprietor, and his staff will welcome you with a friendly smile. The front of the Inn looks over the bay and Chéticamp Island from where the sunset in the evening will charm you to no end. Should you wish to check out the rear of the building, the Cape Breton Highlands, and the sunrise at dawn are there for your eyes to feast upon. The quiet surroundings will help make your stay at the Inn a very relaxing experience, one that you will remember for a long time.

The lobby of the Inn is spacious and welcoming, in the gracious manner of the Acadians. You will be greeted in your own language, English or French. Here you will meet members of the staff as you make your reservations or simply pick up your key upon arrival. A peek at the dining room will only serve to whet your appetite for the oncoming breakfast which awaits you. At l'Auberge Doucet, our aim is to make your stay as pleasant and relaxing as possible. Do not hesitate to ask us for whatever you think we can do to attend to your needs. If you are happy, we are happy!